BSCF LARP Conspiracy: Live Roleplaying at Brandeis University


Hi! We’re the BSCF LARP Conspiracy, a community of live action roleplayers at Brandeis University. We help GMs put on games at Brandeis, and we welcome everyone from greater Boston, whether they’re affiliated with Brandeis or not, to come join us. We also put on an annual convention called Festival of the LARPs every spring.

Organizationally, we’re a branch of the Brandeis Society for Creative Fantasy, the University’s oldest gaming club. BSCF meets for board and card gaming every Thursday night, and like the Conspiracy, welcomes everyone from the Boston area to come play.

Upcoming Events

Festival of the LARPs 2013 is the eighth annual Festival! This year, it will be called Triskaidekafestival. Check for more details, to sign up, bid events, and for a schedule.

For a list of past events, go here.

Directions and Parking

We have directions, both via public transportation and car, to campus. They’re available here.

Getting Involved

Mailing List

Our mailing list is [email protected]. It’s the best way to keep informed about upcoming LARP events at Brandeis. Anyone can sign up.


For information about the BSCF LARP Conspiracy or its events, please contact Nat Budin.