BSCF LARP Conspiracy: Live Roleplaying at Brandeis University

Festival 2008 Rules

The Most Important Rule of All

Have a good time! Have a great time! Have a grand time! Just have fun!

Do Unto Others

Treat other Festival attendees and Brandeis community members in a generally civilized fashion. Abusive, insulting, intimidating, bothersome, or outwardly illegal behavior will not be tolerated.

Do Not Freak the Mundanes

Remember there are non Festival-going people on campus. All major game activity should take place in the conference area, and in general, you should try to disturb the rest of campus as little as possible. Remember, we’d like to be able to continue LARPing here.

Be On Time

If you are late for a game, you may be recast at the GM’s discretion.

No Smoking In Or Around Buildings

From the Brandeis University Rights & Responsibilities: “All Brandeis campus buildings are completely smoke-free. Smoking is prohibited in all University buildings…in outside areas adjacent to the entrances of University buildings, and in University vehicles.”

Weapons Policy

The staff of Festival of the LARPs recognizes that you may need a weapon as part of a game or costume. However, weapons are not to be used outside of the game space. This includes toy weapons, boffers, or anything that is liable to trip others. Please use common sense when choosing a weapon for your game. Per Brandeis policy, no knives of any kind, replica firearms, or nunchuks are allowed as weapons.

Please note that the following weapons are considered illegal in Massachusetts and should not be used or displayed at Festival: blackjacks, billy clubs, any sort of double-edged knives (symmetrical cross-section, even if one side is dull), nunchucks, and shuriken (throwing stars). If a guest is observed with any type of weapon, Festival staff may notify the police.

Crash Space

If you’re coming from off-campus and are taking advantage of Festival-offered crash space, please keep in mind that your host is doing you a favor by letting you stay at his or her home! Please be a good guest and try to treat your hosts, the people who live with them, and their property, with respect.

Be Nice to the Site

You may only tape something to the walls if you use a kind of tape which will leave no residue and will not damage the paint. At the end of each day, we are required to leave the building clean; please throw out any litter and remove any possessions you may have left when you leave the building each day.

Alcohol Policy

By Brandeis rules, no alcohol is permitted in academic buildings.

Festival Staff

Please report to Festival staff members or the Con Chair any incident in which a Festival attendee ignores the rules stated above. The BSCF LARP Conspiracy reserves the right to revoke the membership of anyone for any just cause. Festival staff members may be found around the buildings wearing buttons that say “Festival Staff.” If the Brandeis Public Safety Department observes a guest violating any of the above rules, it reserves the right to have that guest removed from the property.

Lost or Stolen Property

The BSCF LARP Conspiracy is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.